Cant Blog, Won’t Blog

“Start up a blog”, I said to myself. “You’ve got fuck all else to do”, I agreed. Turns out I was wrong and I’ve actually been too busy to post anything on here. To make up for it, here are ten things that have interested me or that I’ve discovered in the past week or so.

1. Deciding to clear out my old PC and transfer stuff over to my mac was a big mistake. Apparently it’s very easy to hook a mac up to a PC. Well I can exclusively reveal that it’s not – it took me 6 hours to get them to talk to each other, and a further 10 hours of sorting out files and folders. “Ooooh”,  thought, “it will speed up my PC if I have a good clear out”. It hasn’t. Waste. Of. Time.

2. I struggle at the best of times to direct @replies to the correct people on twitter, so coming back home at 2am on Friday night/Saturday morning I should have realised that it was not a good idea to start tweeting.

3. Saturday Kitchen would be better if James Martin were to go on a presenter course. Or just not present Saturday Kitchen at all.

4. I never want to cycle up Highgate West Hill again, only down it.

5. TNT Show on Channel 4 is *actually* the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV and should be banned, despite it being presented by the very capable and talented Jack Whitehall.

6. If I have one more spam follower on Twitter I am going to personally hunt them down and spit on their spam faces.

7.Pausing halfway through writing this to check my e-mails and find a£286.88 bill from Vodafone was a silly thing to do as I am now on the phone to them having an argument and won’t be paying much attention to 8, 9 an 10.

8. At least Peter Andre is keeping quiet and not making a scene like that awful Price character.

9. I will give up smoking this week and update my blog more regularly.

10.  Vodafone are cunts.

This video’s been around for sometime but I’ve somehow only just seen it – the best cut of something like this that you’ll ever see!


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One response to “Cant Blog, Won’t Blog

  1. fucking harilous, best thing I’ve seen in ages, thanks foir the laugh x

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