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Annoyingly this is the second post on here that starts with something along the lines of  “when I started this blog I promised I would keep it updated”; my last post was in 2009. I don’t even remember what happened in 2009, except what I wrote on here, which is of fuck all use.

The other day a very good friend of mine came down to visit me by the seaside with her kids, one’s about a year old and cries, the other is three. When asked by her father where she’d been for the day, the three-year-old announced that she’d been to visit “grumpy”. Now I know I moan a lot and tend to be miserable the majority of the time, but for someone who’s only three to pick up on how I hate most things did worry me a little. Most of my friends understand, sympathise and laugh at my unhappy ways, but people that don’t know me or have just met do often just think I’m a cunt. It takes them a while to work out who I am, and this puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage when meeting new people or spending time with friends of my partner (who is always very happy and smiley, the complete opposite of me in that respect). So I thought I might write a book, looking into why I’m so grumpy all the time and whether or not anything can be done to change or even alleviate it. It will probably involve me having to do all sorts of “happy” things, like watching Disney films and visiting a life coach. Just the thought of doing things like that fills me with absolute horror and dread. Perhaps I am just grumpy and destined to a life of pessimism, or maybe, just maybe, something out there can make make me see that there is something worth smiling about. At the end of my journey, will you find me walking down the High Street with my usual scowl, or will I be skipping along, grinning like a retard?

When talking about writing a book, @judewinstanley tweeted “whatevs. You couldnt maintain the blog for more than 2 monhs..”  [sic]. She’s got a point, but then she also has pink hair. Anyway, I’ve done a blog, how difficult can a book actually be?


Here’s a choir singing, worth watching through to the end or for as long as you can manage it:


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