Cant Face(book)

Today is my birthday. I hate birthdays. I hate Christmas too, but birthdays are probably number two on my list of annual events which I hate, closely followed by New Year’s Eve. I hate birthdays on Facebook because there’s a little reminder telling so-called friends that it’s your birthday, it’s put there so that they can then write “Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!” on your pissing wall and then you have to work out if you should thank everyone individually, or do a big post thanking everyone, thus drawing attention to the fact that it’s your birthday, guilt-tripping those people too stupid to have seen the reminder on their homepage into “liking” your post about thanking people for their birthday wishes. Well not for me. I’ve disabled the fucker. No one on Facebook will see that little reminder today. My wall shall remain barren, bereft of witty comments and birthday wishes from people I haven’t seen for ten years.

I fucking hate Facebook. In fact, I may treat myself today and delete a few more friends.

I considered not mentioning my birthday on here, it’s almost akin to people tweeting: “it’s my birthday!” and then waiting for @ replies congratulating them; those people are cocks. I like Twitter, and I like the people that read my blog, so I’ve decided it’s ok to reveal my birthday secret on here, just don’t tell anyone, yeah?

Here’s a funny video which is very silly and has been posted by way of thanks for someone who has helped me immensely with work this week.


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