Who are you calling Cant Face?

Ten Facts about Cant Face

1. Works in the dizzy world of television

2. Spends a lot of time not working in television but watching it instead.

3. Is 28 years old

4. Is a man and therefore doesn’t own a cant.

5. Is gay and doesn’t like cants.

6. Hates mushrooms.

7. Loves history and old  boats and that.

8. Hates the number 13.

9. Loves laughing (that’s the shittest thing I could think of; I actually don’t laugh very often and very seldom smile).

10. Will never tire of the cant/cunt ‘play’ on words.


4 responses to “Who are you calling Cant Face?

  1. Nicalila

    I like 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10, because it makes me chortle.

  2. Joe

    I like this blog. I like Cant Face. Quite a lot. He is clever and witty and charming and handsome. I hate Cant Face. Quite a lot. I still like the blog though.

  3. he he – you said cunt.

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