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I Like Blogging and I like to Blog

This post or blog update or whatever the bloody hell they’re called was going to reveal my inner-most thoughts on Series 6 of Dragons’ Den which started on BBC TWO last night and will continue through to September (yes, that’s right, SEPTEMBER). However, not only did I not watch Dragons’ Den, I also failed to record it and really can’t be bothered to to watch it on iPlayer because, well, life’s too short really, isn’t it? So instead of an interesting critique of the actual episode that aired last night, I’m going to attempt to write a few words on what probably happened – let’s call it an ‘un-review’. If it goes well I may do some more ‘un-reviews’ in the future (or the past?).

Five multi-millionaires, none of whom are as rich as Richard Branson but all of whom crave the publicity which he adores so much, sat in a room which looks like it could have been previously used for one of Evan Davis’ sordid sex games (allegedly etc). They were then joined by a succession of idiot members of the public who attempted to pitch the Dragons their business ideas. Because this is Series 8, the production team had to ensure some of the ideas were ‘totally out there’ and had trawled various dubious places to ensure real freaks could be gawped at by the Dragons/us. Some of the ideas were okay, the Dragons invested/didn’t invest some money but the ideas will probably all fail as members of the public like one thing and one thing only – Reggae Reggae Sauce – so anything else truly is a waste of time, unless someone pitched Jungle Jungle Juice, or Classical Classical Coulis, in which case I could be wrong.

The programme was entertaining on the whole but felt like it was trying a little too hard. A good time was had by all, especially Evan Davis whose presenting job on Dragons’ Den is the most pointless and easiest on TV. At the end of ┬áthe show the Dragons all did a little dance, apart from Deborah who lacks rhythm.


If this has bored you, here’s a funny song from a great BBC THREE show called Snuffbox:


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