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Journalist and Weather Cants

Had another meeting at the BBC today. I quite like meetings, they break the day up when you’re not working. Next week I’m going to plan all sorts of different meetings and appointments just to keep me going.

I want to talk about those journalist cants at the News of the World and the little pickle they’ve got themselves into over this phone hacking business. It’s about time these fuckers were made accountable for the things they get up to – especially after years of bashing us telly folk for being dishonest and faking a few competitions or rigging a few little votes on shit televisions shows which are forgotten about after a month anyway – journalists are WORSE than TV producers, they lie every day and rarely make front page apologies. TV people lie only a little (although I’ve witnessed some extremely dodgy lies in my time). Also, this is PHONE HACKING we’re talking about, not a researcher pretending to win a competition.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THE WEATHER? I got soaked today, twice. I hate it when the forecasters say ‘there’s going to be a lot of weather about today’… this doesn’t mean anything, there’s exactly the same amount of weather EVERY day, I just want to know if it’s going to be rainy weather or sunny weather. The other thing that those fucks say is ‘unseasonal weather’. It’s raining and it’s summer time – that, in my mind isn’t unseasonal, it’s like this every year. Each summer we have three of four weeks of nice weather, in our minds those hazy days go on and on, the reality is it’s wet and cold most of the time.

Apologies if you read this thinking it would be funny; I’m still wet from my cycling. Un-review of Loose Women tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a sketch from a brilliant animation that the BBC axed.


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