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Waiting for the phone call…

The last TV job I did finished almost seven weeks ago. In that time I have phoned, e-mailed, facebook chatted, twittered, msn’d and skyped everyone I know to find out if there’s any work out there.The result: one phone call which in turn resulted in an interview last Wednesday.

It’s now been a whole week since that ‘chat’ and I still haven’t heard back – so how much longer do I wait? The nice man said something about being in touch some time this week and now I’m kicking myself for not asking for a specific day/time that he would call. I’ve stopped looking for work in the meantime – too soul-destroying.

In other news, tomorrow I’ve been roped into helping out a friend and his latest venture, an ‘adult’ TV channel. We’ll be casting tomorrow in Soho and I’ve been asked to be the nice guy that meets the girls and puts them at ease, or as my friend put it ‘the posh bloke that makes us look good’ (or words to that effect). I’m still not sure how any of it’s going to work and suspect that that the whole thing is an elaborate ruse that will allow four middle-aged men the chance to meet young women who will do anything to get on TV whilst I run around after them, but fuck it, I’ve nothing else to do.

I’ll also be popping into the Who’s Jack office to see if I’m still working on Jack TV – I got a bit moody a few weeks ago and haven’t heard much since. Then in the evening I will be spending a couple of hours at the BBC’s Television Centre where I shall be harassing audience members an interviewing them for the TV festival in August.

Maybe not having a job isn’t that bad after all. If only someone could just pay me.

Here’s an old recording of one of my favourite stand-ups, Daniel Kitson, enjoy:


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