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Three Little Things

… just a quick note about some words that have been annoying me recently.

I know that language changes over time, and I’m happy about that, really I am, but there are a few words floating around at the moment that I see a lot on twitter (and sometimes in texts) and those words REALLY piss me off.

1. Meh – anyone that uses that needs to stop being so apathetic, go outside and have some fun. Or failing that, just stop saying meh; it’s not big and it’s certainly not clever.

2. Fail – where the fuck did this one come from? All of a sudden it’s fail this, fail that,fail fucking everything. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING FAIL? If you’ve just written something and you’re about to put fail at the end, or even if you’re discussing the recent ‘Facebook/Twitter fail’, please, do me a favour and don’t write fail otherwise I shall find out where you live, go straight over there and spit in your face.

3. Nom or Om Nom – this one really gets my goat . It generally appears on twitter and I every time I see I literally go mad. Literally. For two or so minutes I am in a state of delirium which years ago would have seen me committed to an asylum. As much as I hate the use of Nom or Om Nom, it’s made even worse on twitter as it’s usually alongside whatever the person has been eating or will be eating or wants to eat. If it’s got to the point where all you’re doing is signing into twitter to tell us all what you’re having for lunch or dinner or breakfast, do me a favour and fuck off. Or just eat less food and make less noise while doing so.

So there it is, rant over. Feel free to keep using those three words on Twitter, I don’t mind really and I hope we can still all be friends. If you do choose to carry on using them, please bear this in mind: each time you use one of those words and I see it, I will think slightly less of you.

Here’s a funny old sketch about word play – the picture and sound quality aren’t great but I chose this one because it’s got laughter and the video and audio are in synch – its quite long but worth it.


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